MHP - SoF-Starter v3.3

This is a Quickstart-help that helps you to see what the MHP - SoF-Starter v3.3 is able to do, called SS in the following.

SoF-Starter.exe 20.9 MB (56,9 MB)

What the SS is able to do
  • start SoF with or without console
  • shows different lists of SoF servers and their livestats
  • query the gamespymasterserver
  • search for players on the servers
  • unlimited configs storable (passwords are dedicated to the server)
  • connect and join this server (also via a link)
  • supporting WaX
  • auth-system MHPauth V2.0
  • detect maps in pak files
  • start SoF with a random map and a large amount of different settings
  • starting a selected demo in SoF
  • control a SoF server via RCON-Console
  • support of a language file so all languages can be supported
  • automatic identification of german operation systems
  • startparameters can be passed
What the ss is not able to do
  • Record demos
  • weather forecasting or other things that don't have anything to do with SoF
When extracting the self extracting zip-archive specify the path to SoF. When the SS is started the first time, it detects your system and uses the language file if it is no german system. On every start of the SS your registry is checked, if necessary entries/keys are missing. If not, they are constructed.
For this requires the SS administrator rights.

Program start
The SoF-Starter.exe is located in the main SoF-folder and can be started via a shortcut.

The program settings for the SS.

The SS will start with this appearance. Here you can connect to a server.
There is no server? Right! You need to specify a IP yourself in the "IP" field or you need to use a serverlist.
Choose "configs only", "own list", "MHP-list", or the "SoF things-list" (1). The "MHP-list" and the "SoF things-list" can be updated manually, rightclick in the list (2) and choose "get new list". You should receive now a new list with servers and IPs. Select a server and click on "serverdetails", to see the livestats of this server, or click on "query server", to get some short info about all servers.
If you select "Gamespy" (1), a new list and their short infos are queried automatically.
To start SoF you need to click on ServerDetails first.
Tip: Rightclick on the preview picture of the map and click on "MapInfo".

Here you got a nearly perfect RCON-console for SoF. You just need to specify an IP and the RCON password or choose the right config and you can control your server immediately.

Here you can start SoF with the chosen map and the settings you have specified. The custom map mhp_fortress is included in the SS package

Here you can start SoF and watch the selected demo. The mhp_fortress demo is included in the SS package.

If the SS is not what you have expected of it, you need to do the following steps:
  • go into the "sofstarter"-folder in your main folder of SoF and execute the SSregDEL.exe. This file will delete the registry files of the SS
  • now you can simply delete the "sofstarter"-folder
  • delete the following files that are located in your main folder of SoF: SoF-Starter.exe, SoF-Starter.exe.manifest,
  • Thats it. The SS is completely removed now

19.03.2014 V3.3
  • Conversion to .NET Framework 4.0
  • added Gamespy support (Thx to Ctrl)
  • added MAP-PAK-scan
  • changed SoF things link
  • changed image path
  • changed first page (to connect)
  • addet more maps
12.08.2006 V3.2
  • removed Haxorcist support,list and link
  • added WaX support and link
  • added self configurable rcon-quickcommands
  • mhpss.cfg is deleted when SS is closed
03.06.2006 V3.1
  • added two new serverlists (from SoF-things and Haxorcist)
  • added links to SoF-things and Haxorcist
  • removed a error in the auth-system
27.10.2005 V3.0
  • completely rebuilt SoF-Starter
by MH 19.03.2014
translated by Dewey